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Shop mylar bags from The Package Dealer for your marijuana dispensary!

If you own a cannabis dispensary you know smell proof mylar bags are a staple for any cannabis provider. Dispensary mylar bags are ideal because they’re smell proof and versatile. Whether you want to display waxes, flower, or infused cannabis products – mylar bags are the way to go. We offer a variety of materials, colors, and sizes. If you live in a state that requires fully opaque bags where you need to shield your product from public view, check out the full black, full white, or full Kraft options.

If you’d like to display your beautiful cannabis product check out our transparent and clear options which are available to be paired with black, gold, Kraft, and white backs. Do you live in Washington State and need to remain compliant with TWAC 314-55-105

Packaging and Labeling Requirements? Our Kraft mylar smell proof bags are compliant and constructed from PET/PE plastic with a thickness of over four millimeters. They are also free from easy-open tabs, dimples, corners, or flaps.

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