Custom J Tubes

Shop joint and blunt tubes from The Package Dealer for your cannabis dispensary needs! Do you own a marijuana dispensary or are you a cannabis provider? These doob tubes are perfect for pre-rolled joints and blunts.

We offer doob tube bulk, doob tube wholesale, and joint tube bulk options. We have joint and blunt tubes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Pick a color that aligns with your brand! We also offer brand customization so you can put your logo directly on the tube. This is a great option if you’re giving out swag at a convention or meeting. Make sure to comply with your state’s regulations for cannabis product display. Do you live in a state where you need to keep pre-rolls and other cannabis products hidden? If so, we recommend checking out our opaque tube options. If you’d like to display your cannabis pre-rolls check out our glass or translucent tube options.

All joint and blunt tubes are child-resistant and ASTM certified with a squeeze top for a smooth user experience. If you’re providing cone joints check out our child-resistant conical tubes. 

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